EXTENSIONS show catalogue

The five artists whose works comprise this Masters of Applied Arts graduating exhibition have strikingly different working methods and modes of visual communication. With media ranging from found images and woven fibres to photographed light, unconscious choreographies, and electronic components, their works reveal a diverse array of research concerns and responses to our contemporary condition. What they share, however, is a deep understanding of the intelligence and vitality of their materials, a respect for matter itself, and for the object-world, both organic and human-made, that surrounds and exceeds us. As a result, and to differing degrees in the case of each, the intentionality of both artist and material are never presumed but rather actively negotiated. These agencies are held in exquisite tension, so as to consider, in the end, the materiality of which we too are composed, and through which we live, dream, carry our histories, and make utterances in the world. – Kimberly Phillips