Many multi-motion electronic items probably safe unless downwind

... drawn from a massive and ever-enlarging personal archive of popular magazines. Mining its strata for veins of source material- and irreverent to their original context or eras of origin- she searches for patterns that emerge through formal aesthetic similarities, then cuts and reconfigures these disparate elements into compositions. In this was she offers new paths through the uneven topography of mass culture. Foundational to Motut-Firth's practice is an investigation of the critical potential of photomontage. She acknowledges the history of these strategies in the work of the early twentieth-century avant garde, particularly dada and Russian Constructivism, with their desire to destabilize established systems of knowledge and disrupt both the normative space of the picture and the learned passivity of viewers. Whether contained in frames or standing out from the wall and spreading like rhizomatic structures, Motut-Firth's configuration challenge our assumptions about the limits of collage, In her works, the world's profusion of visual information seems to have actively reorganized itself with an entirely autonomous life force and logic, prompting the questions about the role of popular images in knowledge production, community formation, and constructions of power. - Kimberley Phillips